TV=Social Media Centre?

June 13, 2008

The television being one of the leading entertainment medium would soon have another role to play. Apart from watching movies, it can soon and in fact already become a medium to play games and others but how social can it be? Comparing to the web, we can connect with anyone anywhere when we play a game but not the television. Only an external machine is plugged in and a person or two are allowed to use it.


Every company is trying to connect the television to the web but one company, Boxee has already a plan to use the television in another way. They have software that already allows users to share reviews, songs, videos and photos with others. Nonetheless, the executives of Boxee plan to turn the television into a hub for communication, social networking and media (Sandoval, 2008). 



Using Boxee, people can now share videos, pictures and music. (Source: Boxee)


Come to think of it, using this service, it has to have a laptop connected to the television before it can be used. Thus, instead of sharing videos and etc by doing this, why not just get a pen drive and share? I agree with a comment left for the article by ‘kindafishy’. “People want their computers to be computers and televisions be televisions”. Instead all the technical people dreams to merge the both (kindafishy, 2008).


Personally I think they should just leave the television alone as being a television. If the television were to turn into a media centre, it beats the purpose of being a television. In relation, when one uses the PC, then another can watch television and not use it as another PC. There would be variety of entertainment and not only one type as the television will become another PC if it was turned into a social media centre.


Sandoval, G. (2008), Turning the TV into a ‘Social Media Centre, viewed on 10 June 2008 from




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