Google, Yahoo or other search engines?

June 13, 2008

Coming up to these days, there are many search engines that we can use to search any information we want. Not only me as a student but also other people in many other different fields of occupations, often use search engines to look for information to save time. For examples of search engines would be Google, Yahoo!, and many others. Thus, which is the best search engine?  Personally, I asked a few people which search engine is the best for them and most of them said definitely Google. In fact, this is true. According to an article featured on, entitled, ‘Google ekes out more share gains in search’ by Stephen Shankland, the analyst firm, Hitwise, reported that Google increased its market share from 67.9% in April to 68.29% in May 2008. At the same time, Yahoo’s share in search dropped from 20.28% to 19.95% and Microsoft dropped from 6.26% to 5.89% (Shankland, 2008).


However, can we really put Google as the number one search engine? Personally, I wouldn’t say it is although researches shows prove of it. According to an article by Steven Johnson, entitled ‘Digging for Googleholes’, no matter how good a search engine is, there are ‘holes’ that we would have to face. For one example he gave was skewed synonyms when he searched for ‘apple’ and he had to sift through 50 different pages before he could find information about Mac computers (Johnson, 2003).


Thus, from Johnson’s article, I think we cannot really say which search engine is good as everything has their pros and cons.



Shankland, S. (2008), Google ekes out more share gains in search, viewed on 10 June 2008 from,39044908,62042504,00.htm


Johnson, S. (2003), Digging for Googleholes, Google May Be Our New God but its Not Omnipotent, viewed on 10 June 2008 from



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