Google: Responsible for fixing ad business?

June 13, 2008

Another issue regarding Google, Chief Executive, Eric Schmidt, said that companies should view Google not as an enemy but a medium that is trying to make advertising work on the internet (Shankland, 2008). This article explained that Google has sufficient financial status to aid in ad businesses.


“People are consuming more and more media on the Internet but paying less and less, that’s bad for Google. We are critically dependent on high-quality content,” (Shankland, 2008).


According to a study, growth slowed for display ads. In order to curb this, Google has made a deal with DoubleClick. From here, whenever searches are done, there would be a single platform for publishers leading to higher revenue. In relation, in another article by Stephen Shankland entitled, “Yahoo to announce reorg, Google ad deal”, it stated that Yahoo and Google signed a deal that Google ads will be shown in Yahoo’s search results.

In my opinion, Google’s move to cooperate with DoubleClick and Yahoo is a smart one. In order to make more revenue and be a growing place for business ads, it’s a good thing they cooperating to “change the world” as in Google’s goal when revenue actually increases due to business ads.


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Shankland, S. (2008), Yahoo to Announce Reorg, Google ad Deal, viewed on 10 June 2008 from



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