Down Memory Lane: A Reflection

June 13, 2008

In doing this serious weblog as an assignment for a subject in the course of Communication and Media Management, Issues in Publishing Design, I have learnt a lot of design issues and also learn the solutions to it. As before this, little that I know that the digital world too has many issues curbing around it. In the process of creating this weblog, I have also learnt how to blog and learnt about many theoretical position by different authors, thus, learning from them the issues and how to come around it.


The process of blogging must be very ethical whereby the individual should know the copyrights to avoid defamation and plagiarism. This leading to referencing, a blogger should know how to be ethical by citing and acknowledging someone else’ work. In the topic of ethics to, a blogger should know and be sensitive about the culture in the place where the individual is writing about.  For example, how the mindsets of the people are, is it open or narrow minded.


All in all, throughout the process of doing this weblog, I have learnt a lot of things I did not know of as mentioned above and feel fortunate that I get to learn through a much endured experience.



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