The Splogging Hamlet

May 1, 2008

There are all kinds of blog communities nowadays; vlogs (video blogs) , moblogs (mobile phone blogs), linklogs (links to sites) and etc. but, is splogging the new trend in blogging? Splogging which is known as spam blogging, lures people to the blog in order to ‘cash money into their register’. They make fake blogs in the advertising world to get their money thus slowing down people’s search process on the internet. According to, there are 720,000 blog pings every hour and 93% of them are spam. Below is the statistics within 24 hours. According to the article also, the dips in the graphs are due to monitoring issues but not the representative of the underlying data. (


Image is by, last updated in January 21, 2008

How do we know if it is a Splog?


Spam blogging can be easily identified. There are a few things where we can spot to know if it is a splog.

 First of all, nothing adds up or matches. The other points would be that:

-the content does not match the title or the links

-the signature name does not match the post author

-sentences do not add up

-paragraphs change subjects and topics in the middle

-blog lists number of posts in archive but does not add up

(Lorelle VanFossen, 2006)


Therefore, to avoid reading splogs, David Sifry, founder of Technorati, said that we should know how to identify it by even without reading it by identifying the characteristics because they have different characteristics which computers can identify and eliminate them from search engines (Mann.C , 2006). Although we are not able to stop splogs from occurring, at least by this way, we can avoid from running into them, thus, being a victim whilst wasting our time and slowing down our search process.




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