The Blogging World

May 1, 2008

As in ‘Blogging- a Phenomenon?’, we can see that the blogging world or better known as blogosphere is growing vastly without anyone noticing it. The only people that would know would be the bloggers themselves. This would be there are various types of blogs that are used for people to express themselves.


Deviation of Blogs that exist


vlog (video blogs)

-linklogs (links of sites in a blog)

-sketchlog (sketches or drawing blogs)

-tumblelogs (a mix of media that make up a blog)

-moblog (mobile blogs)


As there are many types of blogs exist, people take advantage of its existence in order to get more benefits for their organization. Most of the blogs would be personal blogs to express how they feel but in this new blogging world, the business and corporate world too take advantage of the existence of blogs in order to get more profits. Personally, I think that blogging has a use for everyone as it serves a purpose of satisfying and gratifying people in some ways. Coming from this, people tend to also form their own blogging community.


To do this, when we start a new blog, we should find new readers and a community to belong to. Thus, we should at least make an effort for our blogs to be read online. As for an example, PabloPabla, joined a blogging forum and also surfed other blogs. To what I think, from here, he can expand his readers from here as people would come to know him. Now, he has mushroomed to five blogs altogether.


Blogging Community


A blogging community serves a place for bloggers to expand the social circle online. The community they belong in is the reason that they are encouraged to update their blogs all the time. Although some blogs are personal reasons as like to update family members on what is happening, bloggers that join a community usually share a likeness. As for example, TheGoodBlogs is a blogging community which bloggers can join to connect with other bloggers where they can interact on anything and everything like about health, latest gadgets, even food and many others. As such, a blogging community is quite useful.


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